Returning to the ‘Circle of Life’

VISION ~ Continue gathering a world-wide family who respect and honor Mother Earth as a living entity and as the ‘Circle of Life’.  We have returned to our sacred selves living with integrity, purpose and in harmony within the circle. We have learned peace and gained happiness by actively participating in projects to rejuvenate good health for all life on our sacred Mother Earth. We are global Earth Warriors and have everything we need, life is great living in communion with Natural Law.


Wamakaska Oyasin, We are Related to Everything.

In the past, whenever Indigenous people have encountered a difficult situation that jeopardized the future of the people they would always go into ceremony and would be given a plan of action. Today we live in a very difficult time of uncertainty for the people and the environment and in response to this, thru AI ceremony, the H.O.M.E. Team was born. HOME is the acronyms for Honor Our Mother Earth.          

 Since no one person can do it alone but needs the help of all peoples worldwide we created the HOME Team.

H.O.M.E. Team is a global all-inclusive network of concerned people of all walks of life and genders who honor and understand that Mother Earth is the source of all life. HOME Team’s purpose is to unite people worldwide in the effort of creating an awareness and healing of Mother Earth and to do this we offer all people the opportunity to get involved by either joining a local alliance aka chapter or by taking the simple steps to create an alliance in their town or city.

These alliance teams create projects in their community that help the plants, animal, people and return to the sacred Circle of Life thru indigenous teaching circles, celebration of the 4 Quarters (Solstices & Equinoxes), music and ceremony.

The Intl. H.O.M.E. Team headquarters are located in Little Eagle, South Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation. HO.M.E. Team alliances are located throughout the country and as we continue to share our vision, will be worldwide.