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H.O.M.E. Team Actions 

Welcome Home!

Everyone can be a member of the H.O.M.E (Honor Our Mother Earth) Team by starting a local Alliance in their area. Each H.O.M.E. Team Alliance will have the opportunity to take action from either of the four target areas; People, Land, Animals and the Circle.

Here are some ideas that your new H.O.M.E Team Alliance can implemented, or create your own!

Land Rejuvenation of all elements

  • Water- catchment, purifying, respect, grey water systems, omit plastics, ceremonies
  • Land– gardens, orchards, parks, Eco-footprint, soil rejuvenation, plant recovery, seed banks, compost toilets, recycling, feedlots and other industrial ag, beach clean-up, more ceremonies
  • Air– testers, purifiers, Carbon monoxide reduction, Feedlot gas reduction, ceremonies
  • Fire– disarmament, balance thru ceremonies, green products.

Animals  ~Protect and preserve

  • Help protect endangered animals
  • Return Black-Footed ferrets for prairie dog control
  • Build bee boxes
  • Create butterfly gardens
  • Volunteer at the local shelters
  • Hang Bat Boxes
  • Pte Oyate- Return buffalo home and keep from being slaughtered needlessly.
  • Build ~ H.O.M.E. Team animal shelters



  • Help elderly and handicap with daily chores and nursing home visits/activities
  • Gather and distribute food for less fortunate group of your choice.
  • Local fund-raising to support less fortunate, Adopt a Buddy, Self-Esteem camps.


Circle ~ Help people return to the circle of life through;

  • H.O.M.E. Team Journal
  • Earth Warrior Training Camp
  • Comedy Corner
  • Ceremonies- singular, family and community
  • Community Talking Circles- Talk about anything that pertains to the family, community and nation.
  • Music Circles/Drumming Circles
  • Equinox Celebrations
  • Solstice Celebrations

Becoming a yearly member and donating $21.00, you will have these many benefits.

Benefits of having a H.O.M.E. Team go far beyond the small membership fee like:

  • Share your project/alliance on the Map and network with other H.O.M.E. Team Members.
  • Help beautify your community
  • Do your part to save Mother Earth
  • Connect with a world-wide family of fellow Earth Warriors
  • Assistance and guidance with fundraising strategies for your team of Warriors and community
  • Input into the H.O.M.E. Team Journal
  • Opportunity to help a disadvantaged community on Standing Rock and world-wide
  • Crossing all borders
  • Access to ancient Aboriginal Indigenous stewardship practices and Teachings through ‘ Cup of Coffee’ archive, also requested and other Triad visits.