Robert White Mountain ‘He Ska’

Hunkpapa Lakota


Robert is a Hunkpapa Lakota who resides on The Standing Rock Indian Reservation in South Dakota in a town called Little Eagle. He is a descendant of famous chiefs such as Sitting Bull and Rain-In-The-Face. He has studied with various Lakota teachers over the last 30 years.

Pipe Carrier:

Robert is a Pipe Carrier and earned this rite through completing a Hemblechia, also sometimes called a vision quest, under spiritual teacher, Sam Moves Camp from Pine Ridge, SD. In a Hemblechia, one fasts from food and water up to 4 days and nights in the wilderness in order to receive a vision.


Once completed under the guidance of a qualified medicine person, the rite to run an Inipi ceremony (sweat lodge) is earned. Robert freely offers Inipi to the community where he lives and also to others when he is traveling.


White Mountain is actively involved with creating solutions to the oppression, poverty, high suicide rate, alcoholism and other problems stemming from trans-generational post-traumatic stress disorder on the Indian Reservations. Robert is creating sustainability projects such as community orchards & gardens and is the founder of the Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park in McLaughlin, South Dakota.

The Visionary:

Robert White Mountain is the visionary of the The H.O.M.E. Team (Honor Our Mother Earth Team), a worldwide, all-inclusive organization connecting people who are doing projects that help the Mother Earth through H.O.M.E. Team chapters/alliances, ceremonies and Solstice & Equinox gatherings.

He has collaborated efforts with Dahlahk Pahtahingee, Jose Munoz and many others to bring this dream into reality. Robert believes ‘ Reconnecting to the Circle, through ceremony is the greatest step anyone one can take towards healing of themselves and Unci Maka (Grandmother Earth), no matter what race one is from. When we learn Wounsila (compassion without judgement), then we truly understand that we all are pitiful and in need of love and compassion for one another no matter how we look or pray’…

Speaking of Mother Earth Robert says, ’We are all on the same boat and right now that boat is sinking and we need to put things aside and come together to fix our boat!