H.O.M.E. Team Admin- Founder/CEO- Robert L. White Mountain

H.O.M.E Team Working Group:  Beth White Mountain, Gigi Rock, Sunshine Rose, Denise Sheehan, Simone Schulz, Richard Condon, Laurel Kitten, Alyssa Dean Trudel, Alberto Molina, Amanda Rain, Marituly Mejia, Satina Woods, Jose Federico Munoz, Dahlahk Pahtahlngee

‘Sometimes the current global health seems too big and overwhelming for just one person to do anything about, but if we become part of a world-wide team called the H.O.M.E. Team or Honor Our Mother Earth Team, we can make a difference.

All people are welcome to join or start a H.O.M.E. Team Alliance  Chapter in their area and do small things in their own community and big changes can happen for us all.

Alliances are ordinary people connecting with other ordinary people globally who have common visions for the good health of their community, the next generations and for our planet.

Teamwork makes it easier and more fun to see these goals come true.

Aboriginal Indigenous teachings of the H.O.M.E. Team values and others are ancient and will be shared with each Alliance in the effort of bringing people closer to and in honor of Mother Earth.

When people honor Mother Earth and learn to live in harmony with self and all of creation, She will heal us and we can do our part to help everything in the environment and help bring Mother Earth back to balance.

Find your purpose by becoming a member of the winning team.     – Robert L. ‘He Ska’ White Mountain